Ideal Serving Temperatures

The wine experts will tell you that there are certain ideal temperatures for wines, and they are right…that information is detailed below.  But here our rule of thumb for every day:  if it's a white wine that's been in the refrigerator, take it out 15-20 minutes before serving.  If it's a red wine that's been sitting out, put it the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving.  Serving a wine too cold or too warm can greatly affect your perception and enjoyment; if it's too clod, some of the flavors are "hiding,"  too warm, and the alcohol will take center stage.


  • Sparkling wine: Serve very well chilled, around 40 degrees.
  • Non-vintage Champagne: Serve well chilled, around 45 degrees.
  • Vintage Champagne: Serve cellar temperature, around 55 degrees.


  • Light, acidic white wine (such as wine from Germany, New Zealand, Sancerre or Alsace): Serve well chilled, around 45 degrees.
  • Floral white wines (such as Condrieu or Friulian whites): Serve chilled, around 48 degrees.
  • Full-bodied whites (such as California Chardonnay, Burgundy or Viognier): Serve cool, around 58 degrees.


  • Served well chilled, around 45 degrees.


  • Light, fruit reds (such as Beaujolais): Serve at cellar temperature, around 55 degrees.
  • Medium bodied reds (such as Syrah): Serve around 61 degrees.
  • Full-bodied, mature, tannic reds (such as Cabernet Sauvignon): Serve at a cool room temperature, around 64 degrees.

Dessert Wines

  • Serve at around 55 degrees.