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San Diego Entertainer Magazine – Whine Less At Village Vino Wine Bar

SD Entertainer Magazine

Whine Less At Village Vino Wine Bar

By Rachel Deitch | 

San Diego is home to some of the best bars and night life that locals love being a part of. The Village Vino is a laid back wine bar that has welcoming vibes and delicious wines. The family owned establishment wants you to be able to drink different types of wine that you may have never heard of, at a decent price. Rita Pirkl opened this cozy wine bar in 2012, and it has grown into a comfortable escape, along with providing more than 100 different wines.

Manager and Wine Director Laura McLean says, “Were a family owned and You’re going to find things that you don’t find anywhere else, on a daily basis we do the research and we want to be competitive with pricing and want to make sure that our guests enjoy what were bringing in.”

John’s Wine Corner: Italian Food and Wine Almost An American Tradition

Italian Food and Wine Almost An American Tradition

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensington
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, September/October 2017

Over the years we have had guests at Village Vino and at our events and tastings express their lackitalian wine glasses of knowledge or experience with Italian wines, so their solution is to avoid them when they are on a wine list. Someof this apprehension is based on a bad Italian wine selection or fear of the unknown. This all stops today as we share the basics of Italian wines and demonstrate how they have become part of the fabric of the American food and wine scene. With the numbers of Italian restaurants and pizza joints dotting our American landscape, there are surely Italian wines to enjoy at the same tables.

John’s Wine Corner: Wines to Pair with the New Hot Food Trend – Korean

Wines to Pair with the New Hot Food Trend: Korean

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensington
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, July/August 2017Image result for korean food bibimbap

Typically when serving a meal we keep the menu separated by courses or on our plates, making it easy to segregate flavors and pair a wine with the main entrée being served. With Korean foods, one of the latest food trends to sweep the country, wine pairing needs a different approach as the meals are served family style often with a multitude of ingredients and flavors being served and consumed simultaneously. To further confuse the palate, the presence of fermented flavors and frequent use of chilies makes it even more challenging to pair with wine.

John’s Wine Corner: A Peak Into Paso Robles Wine County

A Peak Into Paso Robles Wine County

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensington
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, March/April 2017wine glass tasting

Paso Robles Wine Country is tucked away along California’s Central Coast, situated along U.S. Highway 101, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. California’s Central Coast is geologically different from other California wine growing regions. Unlike others with deep, rich fertile valley soils, over 30 soil series are found in the Paso Robles AVA. The appellation comprises 612,000 acres of which more than 40,000 acres are in wine grape vines. It is the fastest growing and largest by far of three AVAs in San Luis Obispo County, and the main reason that the county ranks behind only Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey counties in planted acreage among the state’s coastal growing areas.

John’s Wine Corner: Champagne and Sparkling Season

Champagne and Sparkling Season

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensingtonchampagne-france
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, January/February 2017

With the elections here in the U.S. now over, and regardless of your preferred outcome, there is no better time to pour yourself a glass of what some refer to sparkling Nectar and celebrate your candidates win, mourn their loss, or forget it all and celebrate the season. Champagne and sparkling wines are the perfect complement to every celebration. With so many options to choose from the choice of which to purchase and enjoy can seem daunting.

John’s Wine Corner: It’s the Fall Season…Did Someone Say Pinot?

It’s the Fall Season…Did Someone Say Pinot?

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensington
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, November/December 2016

Pinot Noir is one of the oldest Grape Varietals on earth dating back more than 1000 years to the era of the Roman Empire. Another interesting fact about Pinot Noir is that while France and the US dominate the production of these popular wines, surprisingly Germany is the third largest producer of Pinot Noir wines. In Germany this varietal is referred to as Spätburgunder. When you taste a good Pinot Noir wine, you will get lots of fruit, silky tannins, and a firm flavor, but never obtrusive. Don’t let this red wine with often a lighter shade of red fool you, some of the most cellar worthy and sought after red wines in the world are of the Pinot Noir varietal.

The San Diego Union Tribune – Wine of the Week: A Chance Discovery Leads to a Wine for Life

sd UT
Wine of the Week: 2010 Estate Chrisohoou Naoussa Xinomavro
Mugshot of Michele Parente By Michele Parente | 6 a.m. June 22, 2016


Like love or the perfect job, sometimes a great wine can come into your life when you’re not looking for it. And as someone who is painstakingly, some would say farcically, methodical about wine, a serendipitous discovery is all the more pleasurable.

I did not go out seeking a Greek wine made from xinomavro, a grape I was only vaguely familiar with before I tasted it. Now this sophisticated red will forever be in my wine repertoire.

I found it on the excellent tasting menu at Village Vino, in Kensington, where I had popped in as a way to kill an hour between a hair appointment and a dinner reservation. I mistakenly thought they were having a rosé tasting (it was the following week).

Somewhat out of sorts by my sudden need to be spontaneous, I went for something I’d never had before and assumed most readers hadn’t either.

Xinomavro is Greek for “acid black” and that’s pretty apt, in a good way. The wine has a deceptively soft, earthy cherry aroma but is super sturdy, thanks to pronounced acid and tannins. This 2010 Estate Chrisohoou is still somewhat tight, though it should age nicely and soften. I don’t think I would have liked it any younger.

Hailing from the Naoussa region, in northern Greece, xinomavro is considered one of the country’s noble reds. This is not the bright white wine you’d be drinking with seafood on some sun-splashed patio in Mykonos. It’s not a plush, fruit bomb either. It’s a forward red that demands to be savored with rich food.

While I was first sipping it and talking to the Village Vino folks about how beautifully its acid would contrast with a hearty lamb dish (or a marbled ribeye, a creamy moussaka or pasticio, or any fatty, gamey meat), I checked out the wine shop’s notes on the wine.

“WOW. When we tasted this wine without knowing the grape, we thought we had a beautifully aged Barolo on our hands. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we found it hailed from Greece and wasn’t even close to the price Barolos fetch.”

And there it was again, serendipity.

View the full article at SD Union Tribune Site

John’s Wine Corner: Summer Time in the City

Summer Time in the City…Enjoy San Diego’s Food, Wine, and Music Scene

John Crisafulli, Village Vino Kensington
Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, May/Jun 2016

With the warm summer months upon us, graduation season coming to an end, and San Diego’s spectacular weather making another fantastic debut, it’s time to lighten up your wine selections and enjoy San Diego’s vibrant food and music scene. San Diego has a packed calendar this summer with live concerts almost every weekend and starting July 1, the San Diego Symphony kicks off its Bayside Summer Nights Concert season at Embarcadero Marina Park, just behind the convention center along the San Diego Bay. The Bayside Summer Nights Concert Series is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a variety of music, alfresco, dine on wonderful cuisine or enjoy your customized picnic dinner you create yourself, and the best part… sip your way through a bottle or two of our summer time wine favorites.

Following the Road to Rio with Behind the Scenes Catering & Events

Mt. Helix Resident to Cater Rio Olympic Summer Games

by BJ Coleman – Published at The East County Californian – April 13, 2016

That is where East County local John Crisafulli comes in. Crisafulli is a native San Diegan who still lives in the Mt. Helix community with his wife and twin daughters, not far from where he grew up. He is president of Behind The Scenes Catering, and he also serves as the enterprise’s managing director of global events. Crisafulli is now actively engaged in planning efforts for BTS to prepare and serve over half a million meals during the Rio Olympics, and he discussed his work during an interview on April 6. “This is a lot of food and lots of service,” Crisafulli said.

BTS also caters the San Diego Summer Pops concert series. In July, BTS will cater for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The company has operated the Fantail Café aboard the USS Midway since opening and provides meals for other events on the anchored ship museum. About a year ago, BTS added Kensington’s specialty wine shop Village Vino! to its holdings.

road to rio

John’s Wine Corner: Discover Sonoma County Wine Country

While Sonoma County, CA tends to take a back seat to its next door neighbor, Napa Valley, it is home to incredicble history and over 500 wineries scattered throughout 18 AVAs (American Viticultural Areas).

Click “Read more” below to view John’s full article from Metro View: Community Home Journal, Kensington/Talmadge Edition, Mar/Apr 2016.

We are holding our Sonoma Tasting on April 23 at 2pm. Find more information on our events page by clicking here.