Village Vino – Wine Bar

Village Vino is dedicated to the survival of small family owned and operated wine producers, and making their limited production wines available to consumers by the taste, glass and bottle. We offer educational seminars and classes geared to novice wine drinkers and experts alike. “Our concept is simple, we love good wine and we want to share our discoveries with you.  Village Vino is Our Village, a place for friends to gather, relax and celebrate.”

Village Vino is a part of BTS Hospitality Group. John Crisafulli, owner and founder of BTS Hospitality has spent more than 25 years building a reputation and solid local business in San Diego. The company is known for its excellence and innovation in the food and beverage industry. As a native San Diegan and an educated and well-traveled wine and food enthusiast John is dedicated to develop this inviting neighborhood wine bar and retail gem as the location in San Diego to find the BEST well balanced and affordable wine selections.

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